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Groundnut Kernels Is One Of The Important Legume Crops Of Tropical And Semiarid Tropical Countries, Where It Provides A Major Source Of Edible Oil And Vegetable Protein. Groundnut Kernel Contains 45-53% Oil And 24-36% Protein. There Are Two Most Common Names I.E. Groundnut Or Peanut.

Groundnuts Are Used In Various Forms, Which Include Groundnut Oil, Roasted And Salted Groundnut, Boiled, Raw Groundnut, Or As A Paste Popularly Known As Groundnut (Or Peanut) Butter. Groundnut Oil Is The Most Important Product Of The Crop, Which Is Used For Both Domestic And Industrial Purposes. About 65% Of The World Groundnut Production Is Used In The Extraction Of Edible Oil.

Recent Quality Drive-In The Indian Peanut Industry By APEDA Have Started Resulting In Good Practices In Food Safety & The Control Of Aflatoxin.

To Avoid Aflatoxin Issues We Source Raw Material From The Green-Belt Of Peanut Sowing Areas. While Processing We Do Not Spray Water And Refrain From Touching The Product. We Believe That Choosing The Best Raw Materials Significantly Reduces The Stress On the Process Or Machine To Produce the Best Quality.

We Are One Of The Leading manufacturers Exporter Of A Wide Range Of Groundnut Kernels. These Products Are Processed Under Hygienic Conditions To Ensure High Shelf Life. With Excellent Quality, Packaging, And On-Time Delivery, We Have Gained A Remarkable Position In The Overseas Market.

  1. The High Fiber Content Of Simple And Complex Unsaturated Fatty Acids Play An Important Role In Reducing Blood Cholesterol.
  2. Peanuts Contains More Protein Than A Piece Of Chicken of The Same Weight. It Is Therefore Particularly Nutritious For Vegetarians. In Addition, It Contains Many Vitamins And Minerals.
  3. Phytosterol Is An Important Substance In Peanuts, Which In Turn Is Struggling With Lung Cancer, Cancer Of The Large Intestine And Prostate. The Content Of Phytosterol In Peanuts Is Greater Than In Olive Oil.
  4. Due To Its Ingredients Peanuts Has A Pronounced Hypotensive, Anti-Depressant, and Tonic, Strengthens The Nervous System.
  5. In Addition, Has A Positive Effect On Vision And Improves Sleep.
  6. Especially Useful For People Who Are Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes.
  1. Peanut Kernels are Usually Eaten As-Is, By Cracking Them With Firm Pressure Between Fingers Or Using Clippers Or Nutcracker Machine. The Nut Can Also Be Enjoyed Salted Nuts, Confectionary, Bakery, Sweets Chocolates, Etc.
  2. Peanut Butter Is A Food-Paste Made From Ground-Roasted Nuts, With Or Without Addition Of Oil. It Is Popular Throughout The World And Commonly Used As Dip’s Spread. Peanut-Milk Is Also A Popular Lactose-Free Milk Like Healthy Drink.
  3. Roasted And Crushed Kernels Are Often Sprinkled Over Salads, Desserts, Particularly Sundaes And Other Ice Cream Based Preparations.
  4. Peanut “Chutney” Or Paste, Made From These Nuts, Chili Peppers, Salt, Coriander Leaves, Garlic, And Mustard Seeds, Is A Popular Dish In South Indian, Sri Lanka Region.
  5. Roasted And Split Nuts Are A Great Addition On The Tossed Salads.
Specification for Indian Groundnut
Product: Groundnut Kernels
Botanical Name: Arachis hypogaea
Origin: India
Harvest Season: Apr., May, Sept., Oct.
Form Available: Whole
Variety Available: BOLD
Count/ Ounce Available: 35/40, 38/42, 40/50, 50/60, 60/70, 80/90,
Packaging: 10 KG, 15 KG, 25 KG, 50 LBS
Packaging Type Available: PP / JUTE / VACCUM / BOX
GMO Status: Not Genetically Modified.
Labeling:  As Per the Buyer’s Requirement
Shelf Life: 1 Year from Production Date.
Storage Condition  : Cool and Dry (20°C).
Specification: Detail Specification Will Be Provided Upon Request.
Microbiological Parameters: As Per Buyer Requirement & Importing Country Norms.
M O Q: 19 MT
Harvest Period




















We as a Peanuts manufacturer and exporter in India make sure that our clients get the pure and best quality peanuts.